Heavy legs

    Heavy legs

    02 Apr 2020

    Lighten the load on your legs

    Heavy legs-Scholl UK

    Suffering from heavy legs can not only be tiresome but it’s also hard to find much sympathy for a condition that causes the sensation of heaviness. The feeling of being weighed down, stiff and tired can happen for no apparent reason or be related to other conditions you may have. The good news is you can help get relief from the symptoms.

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    What are heavy legs?

    Heavy legs are often described as legs that feel weighted, stiff and tired. Sufferers tend to find them hard to lift and move forward and feel as if they are dragging heavy legs around.

    What causes heavy legs?

    Heavy legs can be caused by a wide-range of features which could vary from, for instance after a workout, where legs naturally feel weighed down, stiff and tired. If you have any concerns, you should contact a healthcare professional.

    Are there any genetic or lifestyle factors that play a part in this condition?

    In addition to the circumstances mentioned above, other people who may suffer could be:

    • Diabetics with poor circulation.
    • Athletic people or exercise enthusiasts that often suffer with muscle cramps.
    • Overweight people.
    • Smokers and drinkers.

    What level of pain is normal, and when should I seek medical attention?

    There’s a lot you can do to relieve the pains and aches you may be experiencing. Why not try the following at home?

    • Lose any excess weight you may be carrying to reduce pressure on legs and feet.
    • Quit smoking as it increases the risks of suffering with conditions that may cause heavy legs.
    • Take regular breaks from intense exercise.
    • Elevate your legs around six inches above the height of your heart to drain the blood in your legs to the rest of your body.
    • Talk to your healthcare professional abouts the idea of wearing compression hosiery to help suppress any aching.

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